Adult Class

First and foremost, let us clearly define exactly what we mean when say that we teach a “combat martial art”. We are preparing you for a scenario where there will be no referee, no weight divisions, no rules, no coach in your corner to throw in the towel if it gets too rough, your opponent may have a concealed weapon literally anywhere within his clothing, and he may have buddies around waiting to attack at the first opportunity they get. Your heart will race, you’ll have an adrenaline dump, and in this day and age one little mistake can cost you your life as most thugs don’t have any problem killing you over just a couple bucks.

In a sport martial art, where they focus primarily on doing forms or “kata”, board breaking, and light contact competition sparring, you are not being set up to succeed in the scenario we described above. A lot of black belts from these sports schools that left to come to our school can tell you how that style of training failed them when it came time to defend themselves in the street.

So what do we teach in a combat training environment? The first and most important thing we teach is attitude. The mindset you must have as you attack your opponent. Parents, if you want to know exactly what we’re talking about, imagine you are with your child and a complete stranger walks up and punches your kid square in the face. How would you react? You immediately know the answer to this question, don’t you? No matter how big they are, no matter who they are with, no matter what the scenario, it’s on right now! A trigger gets flipped in the brain when it comes to someone threatening your child’s safety. The problem is, most adults have a problem flipping this trigger when it comes to their own safety and not their child. We will teach you to how to properly channel this mindset.

We also have to get realistic about what types of techniques you will need to know. We have to prepare you for any kind of scenario you find yourself in. Indoors, outdoors, rain, snow, ground fighting, fighting multiple opponents, etc. You have to be able to end that fight literally in a matter of seconds. This means you must know holds, locks, throws, striking properly with the hands, kicking (some kicks can end a fight instantly against the average person while others can be fatal if done properly), combat street ground fighting (ever watch ground fighting in the UFC? Notice how it takes several minutes for the fight to end? We teach you to end a ground fight in seconds), and knife and gun defense. You need to learn the vital areas on the body that will do the most amount of damage with the least energy and how to get to them. This all must be taught in a safe, informative and interesting atmosphere by the master instructor of the school, not by students.

The attitude we teach, plus the techniques along with repetition is the formula that will transform you into a skilled street fighter. Don’t waste your time and money at sport schools pursuing a black belt or a martial art that won’t back you up if you need it.

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