Do you require that I sign a contract? Yes. We require a 1-year contract after your free trial week. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

Part of our commitment to you as a student is to protect you from what happens far too often to too many people. . In a couple months time at AFTA you will learn far more than you would learn at the average school, but will not have had enough time yet to develop yourself to your fullest potential. Just like you will hold us accountable on our word to train you how to defend yourself, we will also hold you accountable to making sure you reach that goal.
Where is the school located? Click Here To View Map
Are there any other additional fees? There are no initiation fees. The only additional cost is purchasing a Gi (uniform) and a mouth guard for class. Sparring gear is not immediately required when you join, but we strongly encourage that you get it as soon as you can.

Students coming from other schools may bring their own sparring gear, but must have the same Gi as our school.
What is the current rank of the master instructor? Dr. Bowling is an 8th degree black belt.
Does the master instructor teach all the classes or do students? Dr. Bowling teaches all classes and gives his individual attention to each student as needed.
Are the classes safe? Absolutely. We have an excellent safety record and use the highest level of caution in all areas of training. The especially dangerous techniques are taught according to rank and student maturity, and are closely monitored by the master instructor at all times.
What is the training facility like? Our Facility is Climate Controlled; has a Family Atmosphere; is a 4,000 square foot facility with a Large observation gallery; Men's changing room with shower; Women's changing room with shower; a huge open mat a 16 x 16 foot “no escape” kickboxing ring; and coming soon an MMA octagon. This is a school that adheres to the traditional martial arts decor, a must see. All training gear kept to the highest standards; a traditional atmosphere which brings your physical and mental skills to their highest potential.
Who was Dr. Bowling’s master instructor? Mr. Gerald Reynolds - Former Primary Instructor
Mr. Bob Bolinger (deceased) - Former Jiu Jitsu instructor
Dr. Jim Thomas - Current Primary Instructor
Are tournaments mandatory? No. All tournaments are by student choice only.

Some sport schools make them mandatory. This is generally because they are aligned with other schools that also hold tournaments. This way, each school makes money off of each other students. These tournaments are more about the flow of money than the best interest of the student. Some schools will go so far as to not allow students to test for their belts unless they participate in tournaments. Don`t misunderstand there are some quality events out there just be careful.
Additional Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 815-332-4001.