Dr. Joel Bowling has been inducted into the USA Black Belt hall of fame for four years in a row. He is an Eighth degree black belt instructor of combat Tae-Kwon-Do, combat Karate, combat ground fighting and Asian weapons, specializing in edged weapons from tactical folder to the Samurai sword. This extensive knowledge and experience enables him to teach his students how to separate fantasy from reality - giving them a practical, well rounded understanding of self-defense. He has been solidly training since 1975 and has been instructing since 1984 when he opened his Martial Arts studio, making it one of the oldest in the Rockford, IL area. In addition to operating his own Martial Arts studio, he teaches police defense tactics, women's rape defense seminars, children's stranger awareness, defense seminars and gives many Martial Arts demonstrations. Dr. Bowling has taught international students from Brazil, Japan and the Czech Republic. He also conducts both corporate and faith based seminars.

“Being a Martial Artist has taught me many things,” states Dr. Bowling, “but one thing it has taught me above all else is that success in the studio, on the street, in school or on the job always depends on the discipline one has or doesn't have. Although I teach Martial Arts for a living, it should not be taught just for the money, but to promote what Martial Arts does for one's self and others if given a chance.”

In closing: A.F.T.A. Martial Arts hopes that through the information provided here, you will have a better understanding of what is taught at this Martial Arts studio and what we hope you will gain mentally and physically by training with us.

Thank you.
A.F.T.A. Martial Arts