Kids Class

Here at AFTA Combat Martial Arts, we are very passionate about investing in children. While we focus on self-defense and take that portion of it very seriously, Tatakai No Shinjitsu is also about building value systems. Will you find a way to get the task at hand completed no matter what the roadblocks may be? Do you see discipline as a punishment or as a tool to better yourself and your future? Do you associate hard work with success? Are loyalty, honesty, integrity, and respect for others deeply engrained into who you are? These are the value systems we stress and teach in children’s martial arts class with a healthy balance between hard work and lecture to help the children fully understand the lessons. We also integrate games and other activities at the end of class that help build hand eye coordination, as well as let the kids have some fun!

We teach the children the following self-defense techniques: holds, locks, throws, free sparring, ground fighting, violence prevention, stranger awareness, and self-defense against adults. During lecture portions of class your child will be faced with several “What if…” scenarios. This helps the child think for themselves and decide ahead of time how they would handle dangerous situations, so they don’t have to try to think of what to do in the moment.

We also work together with parents to monitor home behavior and performance as well as school behavior and grades. All students must bring in their report cards. At the same time understand that we do not want parents to use this class as a take away privilege for bad behavior. In other words, do not keep your child home from Martial Arts class because of their grades. If they are not here in class, we cannot help the situation or behavior.

Over the years we’ve had hundreds of success stories from parents who enrolled their child at AFTA Combat Martial Arts. From better behavior at home, to higher grades, to being able to defend themselves from bullies!

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us at 815-332-4001 or click the sign up link to come and train for ONE WEEK FREE!